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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite for participation in the International Scientific-Practical Conference “Transformation of Corporate Governance Models under the New Economic Reality”, which is going to be held on November20, 2020.

The Conference aims to create an effective platform for discussion where the representatives of academic, expert and business communities will have the opportunity to debate over the problems of aligning business owners’ interests and generally corporate governance system’s ones with the new forms of business under ongoing transformation of the modern economy. The Conference also seeks to involve young scholars into the most thorny theoretical and practical issues of management and promote their qualification.

The Conference is planned to initiate discussion in the following directions:

  • a shift in the corporate governance paradigm in the context of the technological transformation and the coronavirus crisis;
  • Boards of Directors as drivers of business transformation in the new post-pandemic reality;
    • modernization of the stakeholder approach in the development of corporate governance models, understanding of the interests of stakeholders and evaluation of their contribution to the formation of the value and social capital of the business;
    • the impact of new technologies (big data, artificial intelligence, neural networks) on the development and efficiency of corporate governance systems;
    • coordination of the corporate governance system with new business formats: ecosystem, platform, distributed companies;
    • the impact of digitalization on the formation of strategic corporate interests of a company;
    • CSR and corporate strategies: problems of transformation to achieve sustainable development.

Review and analytical reports are expected to be presented at the plenary session, brief reports are planned to be discussed at the round table.

The reports and speeches announced for the conference should contain the results of original scientific research on the theme of the conference carried out using modern research methodology, as well as the proven experience of companies. The time limit for the delivery of the report is 15–17 minutes. Short messages should take no more than
8–10 minutes.

Possible forms of participation: in person with a report (including with the use of the video conferencing) and publication; in person as a listener; correspondence participation with the publication of a paper in the conference proceedings.

The Conference is going to be followed by the publication of the two proceedings:

1) the proceedings with indexation in the Web of Science (papers are accepted after a peer review, published on a paid-for basis);

2) the proceedings with article-by-article indexation in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) (papers are accepted after a peer review, published free of charge).

The Conference official website is http://conf-corp.usue.ru/

Application deadlines:

Please, email papers and applications for participation in the conference to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before November 5, 2020. The application can also be submitted through the website http://conf-corp.usue.ru/. Papers for the proceedings with indexation in the Web of Science are accepted only in English. A professional academic translation service is available for a fee.

Статьи и вопросы направлять на электронную почту conf.usue@mail.ru